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Pre Procedure

All permanent cosmetic procedures are multi-session procedures. You are required to come back for at least one touch-up before it can be determined that your work is complete. Perfecting visits are scheduled at 4-6 week intervals.
In the first week, be prepared for the color intensity of your procedure to be significantly sharper, brighter, or darker than what is expected for the final outcome. Just like any tattoo your brows will scab and, what some say, will go through an “ugly faze” for about a week or so.
Your brow tattoo will go through stages of looking darker, then lighter to sometimes non-existent. Do not panic. As this is the nature of the healing process. New skin develops over the brow area and once that new skin exfoliates you will see the true color reappear around week 3-4. This is why we wait 4 weeks before your touch-up session so proper changes (if any) can be made for lasting results.
If you are getting eyeliner please come without contacts or bring a contact case to put them in as we cannot tattoo you with them in.
If you are getting lip blush or lip liner and you ever had a cold sore or fever blister – also known as Herpes type B, in your lifetime, then you will need to be on an anti virus given to you by your physician. Take as directed by your physician.

Procedure Aftercare


Eyeliner tattoos take approximately 5 days to heal completely. Please arrive without eye makeup. If you wear contacts please remove them before your
procedure starts. You may bring eyeglasses to wear. The client is advised to keep the area makeup free and clean during the healing time. Ointment such as Aquaphor is applied 1-2 times daily to protect the area from irritation. You will not be able to wear eye makeup for about a week, but then you will have
beautiful new permanent liner. You will clean the area as advised by your artist.
You will be given an after care sheet and product to take care of your new tattoo

Lip color tattoo

If the client has ever in their lifetime had a cold sore/fever blister they need to have a script of Herpes B medication to prevent an outbreak. Take as directed by your physician. If you come in & have had a cold sore ever in your life and you are not on this medication I cannot tattoo you and you will forfeit your deposit. Please come properly prepared.

You will clean the area as advised by your artist. You will be given an after care sheet and product to take care of your new tattoo.

Freckles/Beauty Marks

Keep dry for the first 24 hours. Avoid any exfoliants or harsh cleansers for a minimum of 5 days. Keep the skin makeup free for 5 days. Cleanse and moisturize with mild products.
You will clean the area as advised by your artist. You will be given an after care card and product to take care of your new tattoo.

Microbladed, Hybrid, Stardust Brows

DRY HEALING Its exactly what it sounds like… Keep those brows dry and clean. You will clean the area a special way as advised by your artist. You will be given an after care card and product to take care of your new tattoo. We have a unique method of healing called dry healing which we absolutely swear by. We truly believe that our facial skin produces enough sebum and oils to protect and hydrate, so any additional after care balms, oils and petroleums are not necessary. Dry healing allows the skin to breathe and allows for crisper strokes and better pigment retention. You will pat your brows with pre-cleansed wipes 2x daily. If you have microblading strokes you will not use an after care gel. However if you have shading we will give you something to apply to them after patting them. The reason why microbladed strokes do not require after care product is because they are super finicky with retaining in the skin so we find it is best to do without the aftercare gel. Following strict instructions will ensure your strokes remain crisp and do not blur out.
• Only on the day of your appointment you may wipe the excess plasma off
the brow with a clean dry cotton round 1-3 times. This helps it scab less. ONLY on the day of.
• YOU CANNOT GET THEM SATURATED IN WATER FOR for 6-7 days. We will give you a forehead visor to make showering easier.
• DO NOT EXERCISE FOR 7-10 days. Sweat is worse than water as it contains saline and saline is actually used to remove pigment. Give your body a break and your brows will thank you
• Do not sleep directly on the treated area.
• Do not apply makeup on the treated area for 7-10 days
• Avoid swimming, saturating your face in water, saunas
• Avoid glycolics, retinols, anti-acne, anti-aging products for at least 2
weeks. This will result in loss of pigment.
• Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning bed for at least 2 weeks
• Do not wax, tweeze or thread at least 2 weeks after procedure.

SMP/Scalp Micropigmentation After care

Short-Term Care

Immediately after treatment, your scalp will need time to heal. Just like any other medical procedure, you need to take it easy by not interfering with your body’s recovery process. The scalp will form tiny scabs where the needle pierced the skin. Under no circumstances should you touch, pick at, or disturb your scalp while your body mends these small wounds. You must wait three days before washing or touching the scalp after a treatment. Prevent your body from sweating by resting during this time. Do not exercise, sit in the sun, or do any other activity that may cause you to sweat. Avoid wearing any tight head wear or gear on your head during the healing phase. By the fourth day, you can use water to rinse your scalp. Do not use any shampoo or other soaps to clean the area. If you are planning on having another treatment, begin moisturizing the scalp at this time. After seven days, you can clean the treated area. We recommend washing the scalp with a gentle facial cleanser. During the first 30 days, it is critical that you avoid exposure to UV rays, intense sweating, or any damage to the scalp while your micropigmentation sets.

Long-Term Care

It’s understandable to be concerned about your scalp micropigmentation aftercare, but you should try your best to enjoy the results, instead of constantly fretting about potential outcomes. For Long-Term Care, keep the following in mind:

Continue to avoid direct exposure to intense sunlight, and protect yourself from UV rays. This will help the treatment from “fading” and will give you better results for a longer period of time. Do not use products that contain alcohol as a quick drying agent. Specifically, look out for SD alcohol, denatured alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol high on the list of ingredients. Always moisturize your scalp at least once every day. Remove dead skin cells by using an exfoliating cleanser to keep your scalp looking great.

Trust The Process

For brows particularly… Even though scabbing and flaking can take 7-10 days. Your brows will go through various stages for about 3-4 weeks. They are NOT complete until the second session is done. My clients and I get a kick out of how funny this meme is below because it’s SO accurate

Every single client will experience these phases of healing. Expect your brows to go through an “Ugly phase” for about a week. No tattoo looks pretty while its healing and scabbing. Same thing goes for cosmetic tattoos.

Unqualifiable Pre Existing Conditions
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Pregnant
  • If you’ve used accutane within the last 6 months
  • Have had botox injections within 10 days
  • If you are under the age of 18
  • If you are not on a antiviral for oral cold sores or ocular herpes (this only applies to clients getting lip liner, lip blush, or if you’ve had ocular herpes and are wanting to get eyeliner tattooed)
Appointment Policies/Terms & Conditions

In booking your service you agree and acknowledge that you have fully read, understand and agree to our policy/terms and conditions. In order to book your cosmetic tattooing appointment a $100 non-refundable retainer is required to hold your appointment time. This ensures that you are serious about your commitment and appointment time. PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME WISELY, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR RETAINER EVEN IF YOU RESCHEDULE WITH NOTICE.

The retainer comes off of your final total.

Partial payment is due at your first session. This pays for half the session PLUS secures another $100 as a retainer for your second appointment- the same cancelation policy applies to the second session too. This means if you change or cancel you forfeit that $100, which means you will add to that remaining balance and owe double as you will have to resubmit a deposit plus the $150 if its over the 6 week limit. If it is within the 6 week limit you will owe the remaining total at the second session. Exceptions can no longer be made to this rule.

  • Second session- The remaining balance is owed when you show up to your scheduled appointment

  • If you have a session that you fail to show up at/no call-no show you will have to call and pay the full total up front prior to rebooking. This insures me that I am not taking a loss if you decide not to show up for your appointment again. If any promo discounts were applied to your first session and you do not show for your second session any and all discounts will be revoked.

  • If you have a paid remaining balance and you no call no show you will be asked to pay that balance upon booking your next perfecting session. If you don’t have a balance but no call no show to your perfecting session we will no longer be able to serve you. No calls and no shows are not only extremely inconsiderate but also inconvenient to those who may have wanted that appointment. If you no call no show for more than one appointment we will on longer service you.

  • If you show up to your session and get cold feet and decide not to have it done you will still forfeit your deposit so please be 100% sure about your commitment
  • Pricing does NOT include gratuity. It is standard to tip your tattooist/cosmetic tattooist
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late you may forfeit your appointment, forfeit your deposit and have to re-book all over again. The remaining balance will be owed upon rescheduling your appointment if you fail to show up for your appointment. Please call us if you feel like you are running late.
  • Street parking is available. We are in a residential neighborhood. Free two hour street parking is available. Myself or the shop will not responsible for any parking tickets. I suggest setting a timer on your phone if you are here longer and need to run out and move it.
  • If driving to our location give yourself a little extra time for parking… Being in a busy city these are things to be mindful of especially after 5pm on a weekday. We are located on a street with 3 hour meter parking. Bring a few dollars in quarters or download the city app on your phone called METERUP that way you can add time directly from your phone.
  • Bring valid ID
  • Eat something prior to your appointment
  • Remember NO coffee, caffeine, or pain medication 12 hours prior to your appointment
  • If you wear contact lenses please bring a case to remove them or wear glasses to your appointment