Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

If you have poorly done permanent makeup or small unwanted tattoos, we can help. Our artists are trained, skilled & certified to perform pigment lightening/removal. We use Li-Lift pigments, a safe, high content salt & fruit seed extract solution that deems extremely effective in pigment lightening & removal. Please call or email the studio to schedule your free consultation to see if we can help lighten or remove unwanted & poorly done permanent makeup. Our solution is safe for all areas including eyeliner. 


LiFT Saline removal & how it works

We introduce a high concentration of salt water to the dermis (where the pigment is) to create the process of osmosis.

This solution is placed below the pigment in the skin, where there is a lower concentration of salt. This triggers what is known as equalization, where water with lower salt concentrations rises to areas with higher salt concentrations. Equalization forces the pigment from the dermal layer into the epidermis (surface layer), where it becomes trapped and exits the skin through scabbing.

The Results

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