Our Range of Tooth Gem Styles – From Basic Elegance to Opulent Charms

Whether you prefer the simplicity of a single Swarovski crystal or the opulence of gold and opal charms, our collection caters to every taste. Each style, from our basic applications to intricate charm designs, is crafted to enhance your smile’s natural beauty. Choose from our varied selection, including moon, heart, and other whimsical shapes.

Customize Your Smile with Unique Designs and Charms
Our custom design service allows you to unleash your creativity. Design a unique pattern or let our artists guide you in creating a “freestyle” version of our semi-permanent gem application. With no limit on the number of Swarovski crystals and a variety of charms to choose from, your smile will be a true reflection of your personality.

Why Choose Our Tooth Gems for Your Next Style Statement
At Birds of Prey Artistry, we believe in enhancing your smile while ensuring the highest standards of quality and care. Our tooth gems are not just accessories; they are a statement of your unique style. Partner with us to add that extra sparkle to your smile.